Bylaws of the Utah Teen-Aged Republicans

As Adopted: June 2011


Bylaws of the Utah Teen-Aged RepublicansWe, the Utah Teen Aged Republicans, are herein formed to educate, motivate, activate, and train our members in the principles upon which the United States Constitution was founded and its stated scope in governmental affairs, community involvement, and the American political system, and do hereby associate ourselves together and declare the following to be our Bylaws.


The name of this organization shall be the Utah Teen Aged Republicans (“TARs”), herein and after to be referred to as TARS.


1. To train, educate, and motivate Utah teen-agers in the principles and beliefs upon which the US Constitution is based and the Republican Party advocates;

2. To provide a method for the expression of the political interests and beliefs of the members of the TARs and to provide a means for recognition and realization of these interests and beliefs;

3. To aid in the election of Republicans to public office; and

4. To support the Utah Republican Party Platform and Republican Party Platform;

5. To find and train future Republican business, government, and community leaders.


1. Active Membership. To be an active member, a person shall: adhere to the objectives of the TARs, be between the ages of thirteen (13) and eighteen (18), be a resident of the State of Utah, be a citizen of the United States, and be a dues-paying member of a TARs club. Only active members may vote or hold office.

2. Honorary Membership. An honorary membership may be granted to a person whom the TARs Executive Committee TARSs may wish to confer special distinction in recognition of outstanding service to the TARS or the Republican Party. Honorary members may neither vote nor hold office.

1. Dues shall be charged by each club as set out in its bylaws.


1. Clubs. The TARs shall consist of clubs (“club” or “clubs”) and each club may represent an entire county, a high school, middle school or home school group, regardless of whether each be private or public.

2. Chartering of Clubs. To receive a charter, a club shall:
a. Submit a list of at least five (5) founding members, with contact information and designation of
i. One (1) Club Chair, who shall be eligible to be a TARs member; and
ii. At least one (1) Club Advisor who shall be at least nineteen (19) years of age and be active in the community in which the TARs club is centered;
b. Submit a list containing the names and contact information of any other non-founding members; and
c. Submit a copy of the proposed club’s proposed bylaws to the TARs Chairman for approval or rejection. If provisionally approved, the TARs State Board of Directors (hereinafter “the Board”) shall ratify or reject the charter of such club by a majority vote at the next Board meeting.

3. Re-Chartering of Clubs. Each club affiliated with the TARS shall be re-chartered annually prior to the second month of the affiliate school’s school year. Each club shall demonstrate that they have the required five (5) members and shall receive a new charter from the TARs Chair.

4. Club Conventions. Each club chartered by the Board shall hold its organizing convention to coincide with the end of the Utah Public School Year during the month of May, or a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the TARS Convention.

5. Amendments. In the event a club amends their bylaws, a final version of said bylaws shall be transmitted to, and kept by, the Secretary of the Executive Committee.

6. Official Club Business Meetings. Each club chartered by the Board shall hold at least four (4) officially called meetings each school year to maintain its charter. If this provision is not complied with, the TARs Chairman may send a letter to the last known chair of the club stating that action has been instituted to revoke the club charter. If after thirty (30) days the club has not presented evidence to the Board that this provision has, in fact, been complied with, the charter may be revoked.

7. Suspension or Revocation of a Charter. Any club that fails to conform to the provisions of the state bylaws may have its charter suspended or revoked by a majority vote of the Board. Such action under this paragraph, or notice as under Article II(A)(6), may not be taken nor notice sent between the months of June and September or when such charter club’s affiliate school is not in session, such as during Christmas holidays or spring breaks or other such breaks as may exist at the school.

1. Executive Officers. The Executive Officers of the TARS shall be a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2. Election of Executive Officers. The Executive Officers shall be elected at-large at the Utah Teen-Aged Republican Party State Organizing Convention and take office at the conclusion of said Convention.

3. Qualifications for Executive Office. Each candidate for Executive Office shall certify that he or she:
a. Has reached the age of 13 years on the day of election.
b. Will not be no older than 18 years during the entire length of the term of office.
c. Has not served more than two (2) terms in the office the candidate is seeking.
d. Is a dues paying member of a chartered club. (This paragraph shall not take effect until April 1, 2012)

4. Vacancies. In the event of a vacancy occurring among the Executive Officers, such office must be filled by a majority vote of the Board at a duly called meeting or the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

5. Term of Office. The Term of Office for an Executive Officer shall be one (1) year until a successor is duly elected and qualified. A person may not serve more than two (2) terms in any single office.

6. Removal from Office.
a. Failure of any Executive Officer to attend three (3) consecutive regular Board meetings without just cause shall constitute the resignation of such Executive Officer.
b. Any Executive Officer may be removed from office for unexcused failure to perform the duties of office by a signed petition in writing to the Secretary from twenty (20) percent of the Board and by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Board at a Board meeting called for the purpose.

1. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall include the Executive Officers and other such officers as appointed at the discretion of the Chair. The Executive Committee shall include all special and standing committees and the State Advisor.

1. Board of Directors. The Board shall consist of the State Executive Officers as at-large members, each club chair (or whomever the club chair shall appoint as a proxy), and an appointed Director for each ten (10) due paying club members. Regardless of the size of the club, each club shall automatically receive one (1) Director in addition to the club chair.

2. Appointment of Directors. The Executive Committee shall have the responsibility for determining the number of Directors and notifying the club chair of the number of Directors each club is entitled to receive. The club chair shall have the responsibility of notifying the TARS Chairman within seven (7) days of the semi-annual closing of the membership list (which shall occur in October and May of each year), the current number of active members of the club. The Executive Committee will have forty-five (30) days to determine the number of eligible Directors for each club.

3. Election of Directors. Directors shall be elected according to club bylaws. The club chair shall certify the names of all Directors from their club to the TARs Chair within seven (7) days of their election.

4. Alternate Directors. Each club shall have the power to select Alternate Directors in the same manners as Directors are elected, provided their voting status shall be designated at the time of their selection.

5. Removal from Office. Failure of any elected Director to attend three (3) consecutive regular Board meetings, or failure to perform constituted duties without just cause, shall constitute automatic resignation from the Board. The Board shall be the final arbiter in determining compliance of these duties.

6. Vacancies. A vacancy among the elected Directors shall be filled from the club in which the vacancy occurred, as specified in the clubs bylaws.

7. Term of Office. The term for members of the Board shall be equal in length to the term of office held by officers of the club from which they were selected.


1. Duties of the Chair. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the TARs, at the State convention of the TARS, at all meetings of the Board; shall have the power to act for and on behalf of the TARs with the consent and approval of the Board; shall appoint all standing and special committees and chair of the same with the approval of the Board; shall sign all checks jointly with the Treasurer; shall be a member of all committees without the right to vote; shall act as a liaison between the TARs and the Republican Party; shall be responsible to see that all amendments to the bylaws are properly recorded with the Republican Party and shall perform such additional duties as may be required of the office.

2. Duties of the Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair, shall maintain a membership roll of all Honorary Members, shall accept and retain a list of the convention delegates, and shall perform such other duties as designated.

3. Duties of the Secretary. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the TARs and the Board according to parliamentary procedure and maintain a permanent record of such proceedings; shall issue the call for all meetings; shall keep a record of the attendance of the Board and Executive Officers at all regular Board meetings; shall call the Roll of the membership when required; shall have custody of the Bylaws and all other club records not specifically assigned to another office; shall maintain a file of correspondence, and shall furnish a copy of all such correspondence to the State Chair; shall maintain contact between the TARS TARs and the National Federation; shall maintain a file with copies of each club’s bylaws; and shall perform such other duties as the Chair shall designate.

4. Duties of the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds belonging to the TARs and keep adequate books of account; shall furnish a full financial report to the Board annually; shall furnish the Board with an independent audit of the books of the Treasurer at the opening of the State Convention which audit shall be paid for by the TARs; shall sign all checks jointly with the Chairman and shall perform such other duties as the Chairman may designate, or may be required of the office.

1. The State Advisor shall be responsible for providing counsel to the TARs Executive Board and TARs Board of Directors, shall act as a liaison with the Utah Republican Party as directed by the TARs Chair, shall assist Treasurer in maintaining the TARs funds , and shall perform such other duties as the Chair may request or solicit, or may be required.

2. The State Advisor shall be appointed by the Utah Republican Party Chair, shall on occasion report to the Utah Republican State Vice-chair on matters pertaining to the TARs.

1. Duties of the Board. The Board shall serve as the governing body of the TARs; shall approve all appointments by the Chair by a simple majority vote; shall authorize all funds expended by a simple majority vote, provided that the Board may approve a budget for specific or general items of expenditure which approval shall serve as authorization to expend such funds; shall have the power to adopt, establish, and enforce the rules necessary to carry out the objects of the TARs so long as such is not inconsistent with these Bylaws.

2. Meeting of the Board. The Board shall meet on the Call of the Chair or in the event of his disability, the Vice Chair, or on the written request of a simple majority of the members of the Board to the Secretary who shall then be obliged to issue the Call with five (5) days notice of the meetings. Notice shall be given to each member of the Board not less than seven (7) days prior to any meeting.

3. Quorum. A Quorum shall consist of a majority of voting members of the Board present at a duly called meeting and said Quorum shall have the authority to transact any business of the TARs by a simple majority vote unless a larger vote is called for herein.


1. The Standing Committees of this TARs shall be:
a. Activities. Shall be responsible for coordinating, planning, and arranging all social functions for the TARs.
b. Campaign. Shall be responsible for coordinating with campaigns and seeking opportunities to serve the Party, but shall not support any candidate or campaign or solicit the involvement of any TARs members in the campaign of any candidate prior to receiving the Utah Republican Party nomination according to the Utah Republican Party bylaws and constitution.
c. Finance. Shall be responsible for setting up fundraising projects for the club and to prepare an annual budget and approve expenditures.
d. Membership and Recruitment. Shall be responsible for recruitment and orientation of new clubs. And shall assist in teaching parliamentary procedure to new members and clubs, as necessary.
e. Convention. Shall plan a State TARs Convention each spring.

1. The Chair and the Executive Board may create Ad Hoc Committees at their discretion.


1. State Convention. The TARs shall meet in state convention annually in conjunction with the Utah Republican Convention. The time and place shall be selected by the Board.

2. Call to Convention. The Chair shall notify the chairs of all chartered TARs clubs of a call to convention no later than thirty (30) days prior to the convening of the State Convention.

3. Delegates. Clubs chartered and recognized by the Board shall be entitled to send delegates to the convention.

4. Delegates. Delegates shall be defined as any active TARs member that has been active in his or her club or is actively working to establish a TARs group in his or her area.

5. Certification of Delegates. The delegates shall be certified by name in an e-mail to the TARs Vice-Chairman no later than midnight of the Wednesday prior to the convention or at a date determined by the Board.

6. Recognition of Delegates. The delegates shall be active members in the clubs they represent.

7. TARs Delegates. Each TARs group may send one (1) delegate for every ten (10) due-paying members. The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer for each TARs group will also be recognized as voting delegates. (This paragraph will not take effect until April 1, 2012)


1. Utah Republican Party Auxiliary. The TARs shall maintain its auxiliary status with the Utah Republican Party.

2. The Teen Aged Republican National Federation affiliation.


1. The rules in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern all proceedings except when inconsistent with the TARs’ Bylaws.


1. Board of Directors. By a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire membership of the Board at a meeting called for that purpose; provided, however, that no such meeting shall be called within thirty (30) days prior to any State Convention of the TARs.

2. State Conventions. By a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the certified Delegates present and voting at a regular state convention of the TARs; provided, however, that such amendment shall have been submitted in writing to the TARs Chair according to Article VII(A)(5).


1. Matters to be Placed on Call. The Call for a meeting of the Board shall list the following, if they are to be acted upon at the meeting (Items not listed in the Call for the meeting may not be considered):
a. Amendments to the State Bylaws,
b. Filling of vacancies in an Executive Office,
c. Voting on a general budget,
d. Election of delegates to the National Convention,
e. Setting time and place of the Convention,
f. Removal from office,
g. Withdrawing the charter of a club, and
h. The chartering of a club.

2. Placing Matters on Call by Board Members. Any six (6) members of the Board may submit a signed request to the Chairman for an item to be placed on the Call of the meeting. The item shall be placed on the Call if it is received fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting date.

3. The Call shall be sent to all Board Members by email.

4. Meeting of the Board. The Board shall meet in conjunction with the Utah Republican Party State Central Committee meeting, unless the Board agrees upon another time and location by two-thirds vote at the previous Board Meeting.


1. All resolutions and amendments to the Bylaws must be submitted in writing to the TARs Chair before being presented to the Convention.


1. All Bylaws and amendments thereto shall first be submitted to the TARs Chair who shall examine such and then report to the Board.


1. No Republican candidate for public office, whether local, state or national, shall be publicly endorsed or opposed by the TARs prior to a Party Primary or Party endorsing convention; no Republican official elected by the general public whether local, state or national, shall be opposed by the TARs, or any club chartered by the TARs; no individual opposing any Republican for an office elected by the general public shall be endorsed by the Board of the TARs, the TARs organization itself, or any club chartered by the TARs.